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Discover & Enrich The Genius In You

Our Process

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Initial Investigations

To find out potential areas of improvement for each kid and customise the program.

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2-Day Workshop

6-7 hour session on each day with lots of brain stimulating, motivational, positive and fun-filled activities.

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Follow up Sessions

These sessions allow for long lasting effects on kid’s brain. We design every follow up session to adapt to kids’ performance and systematically increase their level. We also train parents to carry out these sessions at home (given they incur additional costs).

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Consultation to Parents

Briefing of their kids overall performance, key observations and suggestions for improvements. We also train parents how follow up sessions need to be performed at home.


Brainlytics runs an excellent brain enrichment program. The program enhances kid's skills such as intuition, creativity, visualisation etc.

Ripal Niraj Shah

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